Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Positions Are Available With Allied Recruitment?

A: Many of our vacancies will be listed on our website on the Current Vacancies page. Aside from these vacancies, we specialize in both labour and permanent placements listed here.

Q: When Is Pay Day?

A: Wages are paid weekly on Thursday afternoons. Each Thursday you will be paid for the previous Monday-to-Sunday Period – i.e. three days of the new pay week have passed before you are paid for the last pay week.

Precisely when you will receive your pay will depend on which financial institution you use. If the proceeds of your pay have not cleared in your account overnight (i.e. by Friday morning), please contact us and we will investigate the matter for you.

To ensure you get your wages on time we must have received your timesheet by 12pm on the first working day of each new pay week (i.e. Monday). Please ensure you have provided your hours to your supervisor – if necessary have them authorise the hours in front of you and fax it to us personally. You can download a copy of our timesheet here.

Q: How Do I Apply For Work With Allied Recruitment?

A: As a general rule it is not necessary to register with Allied Recruitment prior to being considered for work. Quite simply, we do not see the need for you to complete our paperwork (which, alas, can be quite time consuming) until we have at least short-listed you for a position!

If you would like to be considered for employment with Allied Recruitment you should forward your resume to us by fax or e-mail or feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion.

Q: What About My Personal Information? What Information Do You Collect About Me?

A: The nature of our business is such that we prepare and maintain records on all employees and applicants, both past and present. If you make an application with Allied Recruitment you may have to supply personally identifiable information which is protected under the Privacy Act. You have certain rights to access the information we hold about you and it is important that you understand what we do with the information we hold about you. This is detailed within our Privacy & Collection Statement which you can access by clicking here.

Q: What Does Allied Recruitment Do To Ensure My Safety At Work?

A: Allied Recruitment is committed to its Occupational Health and Safety Policy. In accordance with this policy, Allied Recruitment has developed the Safety Management System to ensure that our Field Team Members are not exposed to risks to their safety or health.

This involves:

Identifying broad classifications of jobs with a Client;

Documenting the necessary controls for the hazards associated with each task

Training employees on injury, incident and hazard reporting procedures and forms;

Outlining to Field Team Members common risks in industrial workplaces and examples of some appropriate controls;

Ensuring that the Client’s site induction explains to the Field Team Member:

the tasks they will be required to perform;

the controls in place to minimise the risks associated with each task; and

provides adequate instruction and training on how to conduct each task in a safe manner in accordance with identified controls;

Ensuring that Field Team Members conduct work in the safe manner described to them with the use of appropriate controls;

Reviewing the documented assessments and induction procedures, including consultation with Field Team Members; and

Investigating hazard, injury and incident reports and ensuring job description forms are updated in accordance with all site developments.