Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Type Of Staff Do Allied Supply?

A: While Allied Recruitment can source employees across almost every industry in almost any position, we are ideally suited to provide staff in the sectors listed on the services page.

Q: Does Allied Recruitment Only Provide Staff Under A Casual Labour Hire Arrangement?

A: No, while Allied Recruitment can provide personnel solutions through a labour hire arrangement we can also recruit staff that will be placed directly into employment with your organisation. Whilst labour hire staff provide you with maximum flexibility, a permanent placement may be more suited to long term needs while still allowing Allied Recruitment to perform the intricate task of finding suitable candidates.

Q: How Much Would Allied Recruitment Staff Cost My Business?

A: The charges to you for labour hire varies dependent upon the type of staff required and their pay rate. You will be provided with a detailed quote showing the charge to you for any given pay rate for the required staff, and our charges will be based upon an hourly rate to the employee agreed by you.

Labour hire rates are inclusive of a casual loading in lieu of leave entitlements and are fully inclusive of all statutory requirements and charges; including payroll tax, superannuation, worker's compensation insurance and payroll administration, such as issuing pay slips and group certificates. Our invoices are fully tax deductible.

All fees and charges are governed by our terms of business, which will be supplied in conjunction with any quotes or services and our fees and charges should be read in conjunction with them.

Q: What Is Involved In Sourcing Allied Recruitment Staff?

A: Sourcing staff through Allied Recruitment is a simple process. Once we know your needs for the required staff we shortlist suitable candidates and forward them back you. After this you may require an interview with one or more of the candidates or another assessment (such as Drug and Alcohol screening) prior to them starting work.

One of our staff will visit the site to gather a detailed job description and where a brief safety audit will be conducted with the field team member. This is an essential part of ensuring that both you and Allied Recruitment meet our respective duties of care under safety legislation. You will also be required to complete a one page credit application confirming payment terms. The candidate will then be inducted on their first day on the job.

Q: What are the terms in regards to cancellation?

A: A labour hire order can be cancelled at least two hours prior to the next shift commencing without cost. If a labour hire assignment has been commenced there is a minimum engagement period of four hours, but once this has been met the job may be cancelled without cost.

If a permanent placement is terminated within twelve weeks of commencement, for any reason other than redundancy, you may chose to have a refund of the placement fee or a replacement candidate free of charge.

Q: How Do I Confirm Allied Recruitment Staff's Hours?

A: Each Monday you will be asked to fax a copy of the Allied Recruitment Field Team Member's timesheet to us, showing the hours worked in the previous week and signed by an authorised member of your staff.

Q: How Will Allied Recruitment Bills Us?

A: Detailed invoices are sent out on Wednesday of each week for the hours worked by Allied Recruitment staff in the previous week. Payment terms are negotiable - our standard terms are 7 days from date of invoice although extended payment terms may be offered, inclusive of an underlying interest component.